Dog Dream #OctPoWriMo

Huck sleeping. (Yes, he does have a tail…somewhere.)

Dog Dream

Have you accepted this as a dog’s life
living short stints in five different homes
wondering if, when you get in the car,
you’ll live somewhere else?

You ooze sweetness and joy
a rare commodity in this lunacy-driven world.
You want to chase squirrels
(why does the lady chase the squirrels away
instead of me? I’m the best chaser!)
You want to eat good food
and play with your Sister Princess Sophie
who most assuredly
does not want to play with you. Yet.

You dream, your legs shift
gentle twitching.
Are you chasing squirrels
or birds or Sophie

or the elusive home? 

You’re safe little one.
You’re safe here now.

14 thoughts on “Dog Dream #OctPoWriMo

  1. How can you not keep him??? I’m sorry. Not fair. I’ve fostered, too. And sometimes you have to let them go. But he’s so sweet. As is the poem. Sad, though. Chasing the elusive home.

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