Time After Time

Writing. It’s that thing you do when you put consecutive words together to form a something. Yep, a something. Which I have not been doing lately.

Many thanks to Rochelle for Friday Fictioneers which keeps on ticking even when I’m not. This week Rochelle has provided us with one of her beautiful water colors.

PHOTO PROMPT © Rochelle Wisoff-Fields.

Time After Time

A past boyfriend called me a dreamer, meant it kindly, as if I were a poet or artist, but right now, staring at the condiments on the table, the sludge of ketchup against the lip of the bottle, a speck of dirt on the saltshaker, my glass with a shadow of lipstick, I know that a dreamer is a fool.

You stare off, outward, away from me. “If we were meant to be . . .”

I bite my lip, hard. I won’t cry. Not for you. Although. I love you.

Almost thirty years later, your snores keep me awake.


48 thoughts on “Time After Time

    1. When WP stopped doing the snow during December, I looked for a plug in that would do the trick and found “weather effects.” It works pretty well. I don’t always remember to see if there are fun things that I can have falling over my blog though. But here in VA, we finally have cool weather and it feels like autumn FINALLY so I’m in the spirit! 😀

      1. Cool. I figured it was a plugin… Our leaves are in full fall-mode (Most of them, anyway. Some are resisting, others are already done.)
        Glad you are feeling it 🙂

      2. This exchange of ours has made me go back into last year’s photos.. We were pretty much at the same point. Funny how I don’t remember from one year to the next!

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