Music Monday: What She’s Doing Now by Garth Brooks

In the early 1990’s I was a wild and crazy chick. (Wild and crazy are relative, mind you 😉 .) I drove a black Mitsubishi Eclipse named Ed, because he was solid yet fast when he needed to be. In the first couple of years I owned that car I drove to Florida and then to Vermont (not one trip) and many spots in between. In my dreams, I also drew up a route to Alaska that I never took. But I’ll get there. Not in that Eclipse, but I’ll get there. I miss that car. Best car I ever had!

Me and my friend Rose, who drove a sporty white car, ventured down to Orlando separately to visit with her grandmother before driving on down to Fort Lauderdale. We were salt and pepper drivers. Along the way, my radio poured out “What She’s Doing Now” because I loved this song more than anything at the time. While it wasn’t one of Garth Brooks’ huge hits, like “The Dance” (a previous Music Monday), it remains one of my favorite songs by him. So much yearning and nostalgia. How many of us haven’t wondered what our old loves are doing now? I love the emotion in his voice. To me the song still sounds fresh and makes me think of previous times. All good.

Do you like Garth Brooks? Any favorite songs? Let me know. He was one of my last favorite country performers before I moved on.

Last time I saw her it was turnin’ colder

But that was years ago

Last I heard she had moved to Boulder

Where she’s now, I don’t know

But there’s somethin’ ’bout this time of year

That spins my head around

Takes me back, makes me wonder

What she’s doin’ now

Songwriters: Brooks Troyal Garth / Alger Patrick

2 thoughts on “Music Monday: What She’s Doing Now by Garth Brooks

  1. I can hear her caaa-aaall each time the cold wind blows… I have Garth’s greatest hits in my car and sing along, including all the warbles. Love this song. So, wild and crazy, if you’d gone to AK, I might’ve met you there!

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