Tuesday Tune: Ther Is No Rose of Swych Vertu by the Medieval Baebes

For several years, I binged on the Medieval Baebes music the same way I binge on books or others might binge on Netflix. I loved and still do love their harmonies and the recreation of hymns and songs, most played with what would have been the original instruments.

“Ther Is No Rose of Swych Vertu” dates from the 15th Century but from this version by the Baebes, you might think it was more recent due to their arrangement. While this is considered a Christmas hymn, for some reason I have accepted it as a dusk hymn at the ocean, one being sung as the sun sets, and pink, gray, and blues hues fill the sky as a veil of white tumbles onto burnished sand.

If this is your first time listening to the Baebes, I encourage you to either stream more of their music or watch some of their videos on the U of Tube. If you’re a fan of Celtic music, you might find yourself very happy listening to the Baebes. Let me know what you think, regardless.

1. There is no rose of such virtue
As is the rose that bare Jesu;

2. For in this rose contained was
Heaven and earth in little space;
    Res miranda.

The Baebes’ arrangement is quite unique. If you listen to other version of the hymn, you will hear a tune that you are probably more familiar with and this is beautiful in its own right. One of my favorites:

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