The Power of Serendipity

I have been in a weird state lately. I don’t even really know what to say to describe it except to say that I have been fluctuating between good days and bad days and looking at my blog as if it were something from a horror movie that should be carefully considered. That does not include you, my dear friends. Just the cursor and everything that entails. When book reviews become difficult to write you know there is a problem. Or I know there is a problem. So, I’ve got a problem. Well, that’s solved, right? 😉 And, kind of, because I decided that the best way to deal with it was to write the reviews whether they were good or bad. As such, you may have noticed that there have been a couple of book reviews. For the good or bad. Baby steps, my friends, baby steps.

After that dry beginning, you’re probably wondering about the serendipty in this post.

Did you know that serendipity is the occurrence of events in a beneficial or happy manner?

So, when a friend in rescue tells you that there are some border collie/english shepherd mixes that need to be fostered and you jump right in despite knowing that in a month you are going to be getting your own puppy, put in a foster application and then wait. But, the pup gets adopted…. yay pup…. and you think that’s the end of things but then you’re contacted about being an emergency/temporary foster and you say yes because it’s going to be short term and the pup in question just needs transportation to California and then you can go about your business and prepare for the upheaval that will be a nine-week old puppy. But. California falls through. Said pup is also heartworm positive and he’s going to stay with you until another foster can be found.

You contact the breeder of the pup you already adored and told her of the events and couldn’t believe that you were typing a single letter of it after having so many opportunities for getting a pup fall through and here you are making your own fall through.

But. BUT. This dog. This Huck who is now called Huckleberry Bowie wants so much to be loved and gives so much love in return that you’d have to be an ice berg not to reciprocate. He’s sometimes a mess. He tends to want to use his mouth where there are teeth for affection. He wants to bound outdoors recklessly. He doesn’t know that his tapping with his paw on your face in the morning is the equivalent of a woodpecker jackhammer. And, he counter surfs (which you are unfortunately not used to) and eats whatever his fishing rod (nose, teeth, paw) can secure.

He’s a quick learner. He now sits instead of bounds out the door. He doesn’t use his teeth (as much). He’s still learning about the jabbing paw. As for that counter surfing? We’re both learning on that one. He stole a gifted pack of hot cocoa this morning, opened a pack, and was licking it before I got to him. Yep, I was baffled. How did he smell it? Why?

Oh, dear.

But, this boy with his winsome eyes, wagging tail, and utter happiness at seeing me. My heart is not stone.

So. Yeah. Serendipty.

Shortly I will complete the form to adopt Huckleberry Bowie. Sophie is on the fence. He’s a completely different dog from Scout, but he’s kind and sweet and tolerant of her capricious ways. Meaning he doesn’t bite back when she nips at him.

Welcome permanently to the Microcosm, dear Huckleberry Bowie.

Huck and Sophie.

12 thoughts on “The Power of Serendipity

  1. Goodness, my heart.. that is just so sweet. Congratulations on the new member of the family.. apparently that’s exactly where he was meant to be.
    I’m actually tearing up right now.
    Have a beautiful week!

      1. Things really do have a way of working out in the strangest, most rewarding ways sometimes.
        And thank you.. I’m keeping my fingers and toes crossed until the holidays are over! 😆

  2. Huckleberry Bowie is beautiful. It’s wonderful that you’re taking him on and giving him a new home. This is heartwarming. ❤️ Take care. Hugs

  3. I loved the film Serendipity with Kate Beckinsale and John Cussack.
    I am so pleased Huckleberry Bowie is joining you permanently. He is a gorgeous dog. Sophie is equally as lovely, so treats for all by proxy. Merry Christmas Sascha. We’re still looking.

    1. I have never seen that movie although I’ve intended to.
      Thank you. Sophie is slowly warming up to Huckleberry. I am hoping that when he’s really able to play that they’ll play together.
      I hope you have good luck on your search. There are so many dogs needing homes here again. It’s a shame I can’t send you one.
      Take care and Merry Christmas, Di! 🎄

      1. You too Sascha………. IMO the film is worth watching, but sadly we don’t have a copy of it now as it was a video and we gave all of them away when we bought the boat.
        I’m sure the two will play together. We have read about dogs homes crying out for new owners, but they are all miles away from us and too far for us to travel. We will find one though……….. or should I say one will find us one way or another <3

  4. Made me cry. Really. I think they are a beautiful pair. It kind of reminds me of when I got Hershey. I got her for Quinn so he wouldn’t be alone, but I have fallen in love with her. I couldn’t give Huck away either, although as a foster myself, I’ve done it when a special home came up. But Huck already has a special home…so no need to look further.

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