Review of Accidentally Perfect by Marissa Clarke

Accidentally Perfect
A Hideaway Harbor Novel

Marissa Clarke

February 22, 2022

Entangled: Amara

Blurb: Workaholic Lillian Mahoney has given everything to her job. The hugely popular lifestyle show she helped create monopolizes her time, energy, creativity, and anything remotely resembling a life. But all it takes is the show’s womanizing, egomaniac star throwing a massive hissy on live TV to utterly implode Lillian’s career in a New York minute.

Now Lillian’s hiding out in the gorgeous and completely unknown seaside village of Blink, Maine. Out of gas. A stolen wallet. A broken heel. And worse, she’s somehow managed to completely piss off the town’s resident hunk, Caleb Wright. She’ll show that hot, grumpy single father exactly what she’s made of.

But Blink isn’t quite what Lillian expects—and neither is Caleb…or his feisty teen daughter she can’t help but love. And while her entire life and career are in shreds, Lillian might just discover what happens when she gives her bad first impression a second chance…

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Lillian Mahoney has created an empire after turning the seeming frat boy she found in a bar into a lifestyle guru but when Niles the “star” has a meltdown on live TV, Lillian needs to make space between her and Niles so that everything, especially social media, can settle down. Lilian’s sister offers her the cottage she’s bought on the Maine coast in the small town of Blink. But can highly driven Lillian relax enough to enjoy everything Blink has to offer including the grumpy good looking town protector, Caleb Wright?

Marissa Clarke has penned such a wonderful read in Accidentally Perfect. The characters are relatable and well-drawn and the story was fun. I very much liked the fact that despite her success Lillian is down-to-earth with an easy manner toward everyone she meets. She’s as comfortable in her power suit and shoes as she is in bulky boots.

Likewise Caleb soon backs down from his suspicion of the newcomer but continues to be a little grumpy until Lillian breaks his shell.

Swoony, sexy, smart, Accidentally Perfect delivers. A perfect upbeat read for the gray days of winter (or any days!).

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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