Cloud Illusions

Many thanks to Rochelle for Friday Fictioneers!

PHOTO PROMPT © Bradley Harris

Cloud Illusions

When Mandy and I were kids, we’d lie on our backs, making up stories about what we saw in the clouds. Mandy saw unicorns, princes(ses), and hearts, while I viewed dragons, bears, or snakes with ominous teeth.

Needless to say, Mandy is a romance writer and I dabble in psychological thrillers.

Mandy: There’s a crocodile in my sky.

Me: Divorce the weasel now.

I know she rolls her eyes.

Mandy: Why don’t you like him?

Because he’s a wife-murderer and you’ll be his next victim?

His reflection appears on my monitor.

Huh. I might have been wrong about his next victim.


5 thoughts on “Cloud Illusions

  1. Yikes! Good one. I’m always amazed at the women who gravitate toward killers (for instance, Ted Bundy). Bad boys are one thing, murderers another. Title makes me want to sing (I really don’t know clouds at all…)

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