Lasso the Moon #dVerse

Many thanks to Bjorn for tonight’s dVerse prosery prompt. I have not read the poem that Carol Ann Duffy’s phrase, It is a moon wrapped in brown paper, comes from, but will after I post.

Lasso the Moon

Senior year, days before Christmas, we sit beneath a buffalo plaid blanket watching “It’s a Wonderful Life.” You utter James Stewart’s line about lassoing the moon. I grin, repeat Donna Reed’s: “I’ll take it.”

We kiss at New Year’s, pledge stronger-than-steel love.

Come October, we discover steel’s vulnerability. Three hundred miles away from me, you fall in love with an LA blonde while I pretend absence hasn’t made my heart grow fonder.

Twenty years stampede on, leaving dusty memories in their wake.

You appear, an angular, more sophisticated version of my high school sweetheart.

“Back for the reunion,” you say.

We sip g&t’s, chat. Years seem to slip away. We still geek out, laugh at stupid things. I catch your questioning gaze.

“In case it’s not too late,” you say, sliding a package across the table. It is a moon wrapped in brown paper.


Sascha Darlington

silhouette of person under crescent moon
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44 thoughts on “Lasso the Moon #dVerse

  1. What a powerful story, full of emotion….I really feel for her though…. some really good lines there, beautifully told.

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