Music Monday: Just Breathe by Pearl Jam

I am replaying a post from two years ago because I spent a little while last night looking at “Best Love Songs of All Time” sites and was bemused by two things. “All Time” just seems to be since the late 1960s and doesn’t incorporate any standards prior to that time, when, actually, a lot of great love songs were written. The second thing is that a lot of “love” songs are about losing, lost, unrequited, break ups, etc. Not the kind of stuff for a day that’s supposed to be about hearts and kisses and candy.

As I reread what I wrote two years ago, I realize that I and I guess everyone were babes in the woods about what was going to happen for the foreseeable future. I hope we’re all getting to a better place/space.

Lastly, Pearl Jam has blocked the video from playing anywhere but on YouTube. (That seems to be the thing with a lot of YouTube videos lately.) So take a moment, follow the link and listen to a beautiful love song.

Have a great day and if you celebrate: Happy Valentine’s. ๐Ÿ’–๐ŸŒท๐Ÿซ๐ŸŒน๐Ÿฅ‚

From March 2020:

This is a winner today on so many levels.

First off, don’t you feel like we all need to just take a second and breathe? I mean just breathe in and the expel all of the yuck that’s been building up inside in past weeks, months? Now, I’m not downplaying or being humorous. This is serious stuff. We do just need to take a moment, breathe, evaluate, re-evaluate, get steady because the stress can eat at us before we even know it’s happening. Sing. Listen to music. Make music. Create. Live.

Second, I recently commented (not here) that a couple of months ago I was stressing out about getting tickets for the Pearl Jam concert in Baltimore on March 28, which I didn’t get despite three levels of trying to. And, now, here we are faced with a nasty virus that makes that other stress look like a boardgame, Monopoly anyone? This is the way of life. Thankfully, we are all players.

And, last, Just Breathe is about telling the people you love that you love them, that you don’t take them for granted. We can all reach out without physically touching or even getting in the proximity of harm. We have the technology. Please, these days, just remember to ask: did I say that I love you? And, if you didn’t, do.

Did I say that I need you?

Did I say that I want you?

Oh, if I didn’t I’m a fool you see

No one knows this more than me

Songwriters: Eddie Vedder

My favorite Pearl Jam song? Maybe. Really close. One of my favorite bands? Oh, yeah.

Official Pearl Jam site

Pearl Jam on wiki

10 thoughts on “Music Monday: Just Breathe by Pearl Jam

      1. Yes.. just did. Did you know that was his son with him on the video? Prefer Pear Jam’s version but Willie is always good…

      2. Someone claimed Lukas is jus lip synching in this album but hard for me to accept. He does sound better on this video than any others I’ve heard him sing on, but perhaps that’s because this is solo and others were with his group. Their style is different.

      3. Interesting. I’ve heard him with his group and prefer his singing there. I felt like he was trying too much to sound like Willie without sounding like his own person.

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