Quickie Review of Great Book of Grilled Cheese

Great Book of Grilled Cheese

Kim Wilcox

July 27, 2021

Fox Chapel Publishing


Cheese toastie, Welsh rarebit, croque monsieur—whatever you call it, everyone loves a warm and crispy grilled cheese sandwich!

A must-have cookbook filled with more than 100 recipes for grilled cheese sandwiches, soups, sides, and even desserts, Great Book of Grilled Cheese is sure to be a crowd-pleaser for the whole family! With classic, specialty, and regional grilled cheeses and sides—including vegetarian options—this ultimate guide to grilled cheese offers endless, out-of-the-box possibilities for everyone’s favorite comfort food, plus what to serve with it, so you’ll never run out of cooking ideas or inspiration again!

Using easy ingredients, you’ll discover amazing options for delicious grilled cheese sandwiches, plus the perfect side pairings—from deviled bacon grilled cheese to creamy tomato basil soup and from a Cinco de Mayo grilled cheese to buffalo tater tots. Included with each recipe is a charming introduction that provides context and captures chefs’ kitchen memories.

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Is there much better than cheese that’s been toasted to the extent that its salty goodness melts in your mouth? Nope, not much. So imagine my delight in seeing an entire book about grilled cheese sandwiches followed by my utter disappointment that these sandwiches are essentially meat melts. Almost every sandwich is over-the-top and their ingredients made my arteries clog via reading osmosis. A hard (by)pass.

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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10 thoughts on “Quickie Review of Great Book of Grilled Cheese

  1. A hard (by)pass! Ha ha ha! When I saw the title, I couldn’t imagine 100 grilled cheese recipes and now I know.

      1. Ah, well, there was a spaghetti grilled cheese, which to me looked kind of appalling. I think a pic may be on the cover. I suspect little kids might call it a worm and cheese sandwich….

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