The Missing #dVerse

Today at dVerse, Sarah (many thanks, Sarah!) has asked us to compose a poem about a lost love, one that happened or didn’t happen, the remnants of Valentine’s. After a few attempts, I, of course, went off in another direction—different drummer heard.

The Missing

At the periphery of my mind’s eye, he skips
alongside Huckleberry & Sophie but distant
always his way safe from the fray
ghost footfalls shy.

Every morning,
I involuntarily glance toward his chaise, 
wish for white chin on freckled paws,
liquid sweetly expectant eyes


sunshine’s stark acceptance 
abandoned, his silent toy lamb.

Scout, 6/3/2020

39 thoughts on “The Missing #dVerse

  1. Oh goodness, you’re killing me with this. When I lose a dog I have to put their things away because it makes me too overwhelmingly sad to see them there without their owner. The happy news is that i never stay without a dog for long, and then the toys and things come right back out. 😉

    1. We still had Sophie when we lost Scout so I didn’t remove anything and we brought foster/soon to be ours Huck into our lives in October (a year and two months after losing Scout). Neither have touched Scout’s lamb–not even Huck who didn’t know Scout. Maybe I should put it somewhere else but . . . Thanks for reading. 🙂

  2. Do you have a keepsake drawer? Perhaps that’s the best place for the lamb. Very beautiful, but very sad.

    1. Aw, well, the lamb is about 17 inches long and maybe 7 inches tall, which is what made it so adorable when he’d walk around with it in his mouth. I guess I could put it in a closet…

  3. Beautifully done..and the sincerity in the words is so evident. Very poignant, and words any reader worth their salt relates to — so nicely done…

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