The Verdict Is In #writingcommunity #amwriting

Many thanks to Rochelle for Friday Fictioneers and to Dale for this very cute photo.

PHOTO PROMPT © Dale Rogerson

The Verdict Is In

It was time to choose, Kelly decided. Sean or Bo?

They each had their good points: sense-of-humor, generosity, kindness.

And their bad points: secretive, frequently aloof (What was that about? A European thing?), emotionally stingy.

Just when she thought she might resort to eenie-meeney-miney-moe, after dinner Bo shoved Tiki cat with his shoe. Tiki gave an outraged “meow,” jumped onto the bookshelf, and peered out from behind Stephen King hardbacks, the black tip of her tail twitched in the gap below the shelf.

Kelly pursed her lips. Well, verdict in.


Sascha Darlington

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  1. I would agree that treatment of the cat is a better way to choose a romantic partner than eenie-meeney-miney-moe. Though I think that’s how my grandparents got together.

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