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If today were going to have a theme song, it would be Last Night I Didn’t Get to Sleep at All, not because of some great pining over an unrequited love as Marilyn McCoo sings, but because I was listening to Instructions for Dancing and playing Best Fiends (yes, I always multi-task while listening to an audiobook.). Before I knew it, it was well after midnight and since I’d done it the night before, all I could think was:


Anyway, that makes two mornings where I’ve woken up feeling less than chipper and that seriously affects creativity as I’m sure many of you have experienced when you don’t get your requisite 10 (haha) hours of sleep. πŸ˜‰

The Weather

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the weather. The temperatures this week have been like someone tossing a dart at a bunch of numbers on a board: 26 70 18 50 . . . But I’m trying hard to be like Huck

🎡 rain, snow, wind, warm cold is totally beyond fine
I'm happy to see what the day brings
cause living each day just makes me sing
I lived in a shelter, and outside it's all sublime 🎡

Huck's song

#BeMoreLikeHuck #Mindfulness

Huck being Mindful.


This week I tried a few different recipes. Two were viral ones and I was not impressed. First, I tried the Bulgarian egg toast and am pretty sure I’ll stick with scrambled eggs on toast or omelet with no toast. It was simple and fine but my favorite thing about it was the feta (of course, it’s cheese!), which I can just as easily add to scrambled eggs.

The second was Custard Toast or Yogurt Toast. Here is my attempt:

Uncooked with blueberries and a mere hint of honey.
After baking.

I did two things differently from the recipe. (1) I didn’t use a lot of sweetener because I just don’t enjoy it that much. However, this recipe is so bland that you absolutely need the flavor so I ended up adding a dollop of maple syrup. I think adding some cinnamon to the yogurt, egg, and honey would be a great idea. It is the sweetener that makes everyone so happy, I think. (2) Also, I didn’t use white bread because I only have multi-grain and probably wouldn’t use white bread anyway. The only way in which the recipe suffered because of it was that the multi-grain is denser so you couldn’t smoosh it down to provide a trough for the egg/yogurt. This recipe is probably going into the “meh” pile. The blueberries were really nice though. πŸ˜€

These are new keeper recipes: Baked portobello mushrooms (vegetarian, could be made vegan; so, so yummy!). I am still looking for the elusive Heath’s Bits O Brickle coffee cake from my childhood. This is the second recipe I’ve tried; it’s good but not quite the one. (Sorry I didn’t take pics.)

This Week in Photos

Beautiful Sophie
Valentine’s Cactus?
Two pairs of mourning doves. Can you find the second pair? Did you know mourning doves mate for life?
The Snow Moon (sorry for pic quality)

Here’s to a wonderful weekend and Being More Like Huck!

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  1. What an engaging post. I greatly enjoy reading about your weather (we’re having a milder version of what you’re having) and your adventures with recipes. When I visit with my sister and it’s only us two for the day, she’ll make a quick breakfast of toast with scrambled eggs and melted cheese as a sandwich. For lunch, she’ll make a quicker lunch of nacho chips, shredded cheese (melted) and jalapeno slices. Go for cheese. And, yes, Sophie is beautiful.

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