Betanda Shanam Reviews Playing for Love by Jeevani Charika @RhodaBaxter

Playing for Love

Jeevani Charika

February 11, 2022

HQ Digital

Blurb: It’s all fun and games… until your heart is on the line!

When she isn’t busy building her fashion business, Samadhi ‘Sam’ Ranaweera turns to her other passion to de-stress: competitive late-night gaming (in secret, of course). She can’t believe her luck when she’s selected to play in a virtual tournament with notoriously elusive gamer Blaze.

Blaze is a little cocky and very self-assured – no surprises, given his huge online popularity – and Sam feels under pressure to impress him with her gameplay. But she has no idea that in real life, he’s just shy Luke Burneside, the awkward guy from her office.

And despite his regular coffee deliveries to her desk, Sam barely notices Luke… because with each day, she’s falling harder for Blaze.

As her crush intensifies with each game and she becomes obsessed with winning Blaze’s attention, will Sam lose her chance with the man right under her nose?

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Powered by love and a drive to be close to her deceased mother, Sam starts up her own business. Torn between her passion to make a success of her business and the fear of disappointing her family, Sam seeks comfort in secretly gaming.  

Blaze, Sam’s gaming saviour, has been her escape since she was a young girl. He is that familiar face that reminded her of the closeness of her siblings. Blaze is a mask Luke wears to help him cope with real life. It’s a persona that gives him strength. Most of us have a mask we hide behind, but Luke’s brought fame on social media.  

A lucky draw in a gaming competition makes Sam’s wildest dream come true, meeting her gaming crush and hero, Blaze. 

Like all good love stories—true love never runs a smooth path.  

I enjoyed the story structure and characters of this parallel love story– she loves him in one world and he loves her in another. Playing for Love is a fun cosy read, a true modern day love story.

I give Playing for Love 4 stars.

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