Help Me Find a Topic: A to Z Blogging Challenge April 2022

As has become my tradition for the past few years, I am asking for help in selecting a theme for this year’s A to Z Blogging challenge. (Don’t know about the challenge? You can find more information here.)

Typically I write a flash fiction story integrating the letter for that day. In the past two years, I tied the stories together. Two years ago the topic was food and drink and the stories all took place within a particular restaurant. Last year, the topic was flowers and the stories took place between a florist and the garden nursery that supplies the florist. This year, I am once again asking for topic suggestions.

If I get multiple suggestions, I’ll create a poll and you all can help me vote.

The only thing I ask is that the possible topic has a word that can be found for those hard letters like X and Q.

Leave any suggestions in my comments.

Many thanks!

Sascha ✍

5 thoughts on “Help Me Find a Topic: A to Z Blogging Challenge April 2022

  1. How about irritating habits? A is for asking nosy questions, B is for Bragging, C is for Correcting your grammar, D is for Dumb jokes, E is for embarrassing your kids….etc. etc.

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