The Couple in the Train Station

He stands hands in pockets
she sits on her suitcase
tiny white big-eyed pup on her lap
they could be almost anyone anywhere
going on vacation, visiting family, friends
their fellow travelers on cells, talking, texting
you could almost believe this an average day
except for the couples' eyes searching
for solutions, sanity, safety 
in a train station horizon.
Kyiv 2-24-22

Sascha Darlington

from a picture seen in The Washington Post today 2/24/22.

I guess I could have put the link in (oops) before: it’s here now. But it is a slideshow so you may have to go through several pics. The picture below is not the picture referenced in the poem.

people inside terminal
Photo by Shawn on

12 thoughts on “The Couple in the Train Station

  1. I like the narrative style of this a prose poem that speaks directly to the photo. What a nightmare. Putin will get the incursion he wants now the threat is made.

    1. Thanks, Paul. Even when I wrote that first poem a few weeks back, it was becoming obvious that nothing was going to stop Putin from doing what he wanted–not even the Russian people. His apathy toward life is appalling.

  2. Ho tradotto la tua poesia in italiano:
    Sta con le mani in tasca
    seduto sulla sua valigia
    piccolo cucciolo bianco dagli occhi grandi in grembo
    potrebbero essere quasi chiunque ovunque
    andare in vacanza, visitare la famiglia, gli amici
    i loro compagni di viaggio in cella, parlando, messaggiando
    potresti quasi crederci in un giorno feriale
    fatta eccezione per gli occhi delle coppie che cercano
    vie di fuga, salute mentale, sicurezza
    nell’orizzonte di una stazione ferroviaria.
    Kiev 24-2-22
    è come la foto che ti ha ispirato, racchiude la visione dell’attimo, te la rubo per il Domenicale del prossimo 6 marzo, saluti dall’Italia

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