Dancing in the Wind

Many thanks to Merril for tonight’s prompt from dVerse, where she asked us to do an ekphrastic poem. It was not as painful as the name might suggest. I decided, also, that I’m quite fond of writing ekphrastic poems so you all may be in for it. 😉

My poem is based on this artwork:

Franz Marc, Flatternde Wäsche im Wind (1906)

Dancing in the Wind

The tanks and the jeans and the short shorts
billow in the breeze, scheming and yanking
careening and hankering for escape, cavorting
for adventure but censured by the girdle
for their fertile wonderings, while thundering
clouds consider to amp the damp
as the dress pirouettes like a ballerina
dancing in this arena but sadly badly
as one must to a folk song blowin’ in the wind.

Sascha Darlington 3/1/2022

11 thoughts on “Dancing in the Wind

  1. Delicious use of language to describe the items of clothing…from scheming to cavorting and all in-between…thank you for those moments of literary relief..

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