Leaning Tower of Pizza

Many thanks to Rochelle for Friday Fictioneers.

I had one of those weird experiences (yep, I’ve had a lot lately 😉 ) where I was certain I had written this story but couldn’t find it anywhere, which is probably not a bad thing because this one is better although it still uses a silly pun, but what more would you expect?!


Leaning Tower of Pizza

T-minus three days until I leave for Duke. But tonight, Nate and I are covering the counter at Piccolo’s.

It’s one of those late August evenings when people relish the last bits of summer. No one wants pizza. Only grilled burgers, hot dogs, s’mores, maybe an icy gelato.

We finally get a pick-up order: three pepperoni and onions pizzas.

“I used to love pepperoni and onion pizza,” I say.

“Your vegetarianism is a passing phase, much like your working here,” Nate says as he haphazardly stacks pizza boxes. “Look, leaning tower of pizza.”

“I’ll miss you.”

“I’ll miss you more.”

And my unrequited love is not unrequited anymore.


I apologize. My capricious muse said I desperately needed 8 more words when I hadn’t planned for them. Because I never wish to offend my muse, I typed them in as I finished this post. I am 8 words over. 🙁

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