A Brief Note About Changing WP Themes

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As I mentioned on a post from March 1, I decided to change my WordPress theme. Why? Why do we move our furniture around? Why paint a room a different color? Yes, just for a change. Silly me.

I knew there would be a few issues because there were the last time I changed themes. However, I had more time for tinkering then (or was better organized–if you’ve been reading my blog posts you know that me and organization aren’t the best companions). I have spent a good deal of time since March 1 twiddling. It dawned on me that no where had a menu transitioned over from my previous theme and I went about fixing that particular problem all day Saturday as the snow and wind visited.

In the old WP admin, it seemed that you could do more operations in bulk, create your menu hierarchies and move things easily etc. In the new, you can’t. I think they tried to make it idiot-proof but ended up making it clunky. (Sorry, WP). Finally I became frustrated enough that I decided to return to my prior theme. Guess what, folks? It retired!

Yes, this is a warning to you before you decide to change your theme. If there is any chance that you might want to return to your current one, make sure beforehand that it has not been retired!

So for better or worse, I am stuck with this one. It has issues that are not of my creating–strangely enough. On my home pages post images sometimes overlap so that one post is hidden partially behind another. Not exactly aesthetically pleasing nor very useful. And, why did only some of the links change color when I did a global change? When I have time, I’ll list the issues and befriend someone in WP. Until then, if you happen to see something askew, don’t hesitate to make a comment. And, please continue to forgive my dust and ladders and tools–I’m takin’ care of business.


9 thoughts on “A Brief Note About Changing WP Themes

    1. Thank you, Anne. I’ve had two thoughts going through my head: (1) If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it and (2) I should have remained bored until I had a good amount of time to play. 🙂

    1. I am actually surprised that transferring to a new theme has been as problematic as it has been considering that most WP bloggers are not tech gurus. You’d think they’d want easy transitions. 🤷‍♀️ If you do decide to switch to a new theme, make sure you have enough time to fool around and don’t get stressed. And, if you’re not tech-oriented, get a friend who is to help out. Thanks! 🙂

  1. I’m a little surprised you still use WP. I don’t find it very user friendly. But good for you sticking it out.

    1. I really like WP despite the latest adventure. With all of the changes in the past couple of years there seems to be an endless learning curve, but I like that you can do a lot with it. Mind you, I haven’t fooled around with any other blogging apps to any great extent. And the idea of moving this entire enterprise to a new system would definitely be daunting.

      1. I’m currently using the AltoFocus theme but it has a glitch of not separating posts on the front page so I’m thinking about changing it. Most of the other features seem to work well.

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