Review of The Lighthouse on Moonglow Bay by Lori Wilde

The Lighthouse on Moonglow Bay

Lori Wilde

March 15, 2022

William Morrow Paperbacks

Blurb: It was an inheritance neither sister expected—a lighthouse in Moonglow Cove, left to them by a grandmother they never knew! Harper and Flannery weren’t exactly best friends either. For years, Flannery had held down the home front, taking care of their sick mother and raising a daughter, while Harper sent nothing but checks. And after their mother’s funeral the two sisters had an argument that left them not speaking for six years—why, Harper didn’t even know she has a niece!

But life has a way of changing when you least expect it. And the sisters discover their grandmother’s will has a stipulation: the two of them must live there, work out their issues… and compete in baking challenges with a hundred-year-old sourdough starter. If either of them gives up, or fails to keep the starter alive, they lose the lighthouse. Will they be able to come together and see their grandmother’s wish come true? Or will these two sisters forever be estranged?

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Flannery and Harper have been estranged for six years, ever since an altercation after their mother’s funeral. Now they’ve been called to Moonglow Cove, Texas for the reading of the will of their grandmother who they didn’t even know had been still alive. The lives of both sisters have recently been turned upside down and what initially seems like a break may not be one as the sisters have to live together and work together and then compete against each other as part of their grandmother’s bidding in Lori Wilde’s The Lighthouse on Moonglow Bay.

Lori Wilde has once again created a book I couldn’t put down. Funny, smart, heart-rending, it was all there. First off, I missed the entire sourdough craze during the quarantine so I didn’t know all of the bits of information that were shared throughout The Lighthouse on Moonglow Bay–and I loved it. This book actually made me want to learn how to work with sourdough starter and all that encompasses, except for the hard bits, of course.

Another thing that I really appreciate was the dialogue. This book has some of the best dialogue that I’ve read recently. Wilde knows how to write witty repartee. The dialogue is staccato-sharp, funny, and just made me grin as I read it.

The characters are also so very well written. No shortcuts are taken to make these characters believable. The Campbell family tree was dissected psychologically and it was fascinating stuff; if that sounds dry, I can assure you it wasn’t. The relationship between the sisters was lovely despite a rough start. I loved how the other characters came together to make an extended family.

And lastly, The Lighthouse on Moonglow Bay is just so smartly written. From the observations about people in general, to bits about how to live a true life, to what makes a family, this just feels and reads like a story expressed from the heart with kindness and generosity and tolerance. An honest feel good novel.

Despite the fact that this is part of the Moonglow Cove series, it is definitely a standalone.

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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