Leaning Tower of Pizza (the first version)

A couple of weeks ago for Friday Fictioneers, I wrote a story and mentioned that I had written a story for it previously but couldn’t find it. I thought the second one (this one) was better and so it all turned out okay. Tonight when I went to Word on my laptop, I found the first one in recovered files and I thought, well, why not? So, here it goes. You can tell me which one you like better.


The Leaning Tower of Pizza (Version #1)

I am exhausted.

I’d stayed up late for mid-terms, conjured critiques for creative writing, and navigated my own projects.

And then there was work. After I grew tired of placing rounds of pepperoni on pizza pies, me and Jake started layering boxes of pizza one upon another.

“Leaning tower of pizza!” we shouted.

Mr. Gio, our boss, not impressed, yelled: “Fired!”

And now we work at McDonald’s and ask: “Fries with that?”

Jake scroops molten salty fries into cardboard. I flip sizzling, greasy burgers. We smell like fast food.



With pleading eyes, we implore Mr. Gio. “One more chance?”


4 thoughts on “Leaning Tower of Pizza (the first version)

  1. Mr Gio can get stuffed with his pizzas, that is not how you treat employees. Stick to Big Macs or better still write a fantastic, best selling novel and live independently.

  2. I like both stories, because I do. This one is funny. And in a few words you convey the lesser aspects of dealing (quite literally) in fast food.

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