Music Monday: Long Nights by Eddie Vedder

Eddie Vedder provided a lot of great music for the Into the Wild soundtrack. “Long Nights” is another one. Powerful and melodic, it’s stirring. Vedder’s rich baritone slide over the words making this unforgettable.

Long nights allow me to feel…

I’m falling…I am falling

The lights go out

Let me feel

I’m falling

I am falling safely to the ground

Songwriters: Eddie Vedder

6 thoughts on “Music Monday: Long Nights by Eddie Vedder

    1. You’ve got me on that one. It’s not often I have seen the movie and not read the book, but this is one of those instances. There are a number of Jon Krakauer books I want to read. (They don’t come with Eddie Vedder’s voice though, unfortunately. ) 😁

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