Music Share: My Hero by Foo Fighters

Last night as I was preparing my book review of Burning Hope, I visited Twitter to collect hashtags when I saw that Taylor Hawkins was trending. There I learned the extremely sad news of his passing. Needless to say that my thoughts were scattered and my review perhaps not as coherent as usual. While I know that 50 seems old to you 20-somethings and younger, it’s not really anymore, especially for people like Taylor Hawkins and Dave Grohl who burn with the fire of music in them. 50 is just far too young.

One thing I’ve noticed about both of them is that they were always having fun while playing their music. It’s so obvious that they were doing what they loved. I rarely saw a photograph of Taylor Hawkins without a smile on his face. As I was scrolling through Twitter, I saw a video of the setting up of a picture he took with a little girl.

He seemed like a guy who was driven by kindness rather than ego.

“My Hero” seems like a fitting song to share in tribute.

There goes my hero

Watch him as he goes

There goes my hero

He’s ordinary

Songwriters: David Eric Grohl / Nate Mendel / Pat Smear

Rest in Peace Taylor Hawkins, 1972-2022

4 thoughts on “Music Share: My Hero by Foo Fighters

  1. This was so spot on. Thanks for sharing. I’ve felt sad and just shook since hearing this last night. I have long loved Foo Fighters, much for the joy that was evident when they performed. Taylor Hawkins will be sorely missed.

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