Raise a Saison

Many thanks to Lisa for hosting dVerse and the quadrille this week where the word is “season.” For some reason, Saison came into my mind with season and wouldn’t let go so I let it stay. Likewise, I hope Spring comes to stay for a while.

Raise a Saison to Spring season
(wherever it may be)
we seasoned Winter with
firewood baking on blocks
though Summer forgot
seeped in with near sultry temps
before blushing away
perhaps seizing Spring as well.
Daffodils tilt golden, hopeful toward
sun’s silky affection—soon.

close up shot of daffodils in bloom
Photo by Eva Elijas on Pexels.com

6 thoughts on “Raise a Saison

  1. Sascha, I love how that first line rolls off of my tongue. Hopeful daffodils is a beautiful term. I really like the image you chose to go along with your Q.

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