B is for Boat #atozchallenge

I’ve got a B! Yes! A! B We are just moving along here at the rate of, er, molasses!

Meet Cute

The truth was Ellie’d been more irritated than angry when she launched the canoe and paddled out into the bay not that that mattered much now that she was stuck in the middle after losing a battle between her paddle and the largest shark she’d ever seen. Yeah. No. No one would believe that. How about the1 largest, most aggressive cottonmouth she’d ever seen that gripped the paddle between its fangs and nearly pulled her from the canoe? Well, while the cottonmouth was more likely considering that she was pretty much surrounded by them, the story still didn’t hold water. So to speak.

When she heard the boat motor, she felt elation, until she swiveled and saw it was the EMS rescue boat with her brother, Jeff, and that new cute guy, Sam Pearson onboard.

“Ellie? What happened?” Jeff asked. “Are you okay?”

Sam helped her board the bigger boat then hitched a line between her boat and theirs.

“Sunburned and embarrassed. I lost my paddle.”

Sam grinned. “I hear the cottonmouths are really aggressive out here.”

“That,” Ellie said, nodding.

Jeff might have rolled his eyes, but Sam and Ellie just shared a smile and a meet-cute that would last a lifetime.


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