C is for Coffee #atozchallenge

I may need coffee right about now on this Saturday A to Z Marathon challenge! 😉

No Regrets

“I want a non-fat cappuccino with no foam,” the woman says, already reaching into her purse for money.

I am preparing her latte when I glance up and see him: David Maxwell-Taylor, famous composer, famous director, infamous to me as the man who took one look at me and said, “Next” without ever listening to me sing. While I design a quick daisy on the latte, I plot.

Smiling at the customer, I hand over her coffee. Surreptitiously, I glance at Maxwell-Taylor and then around the café. Just a couple of people wait in line, both staring at their cells. Except for our regular mid-day writer, John Casey, in the corner booth, the café is practically empty.

I could be fired. I probably will be fired. But, “what if” builds up in my chest like feisty adrenaline and I can’t seem to help what happens next.

My soprano doesn’t need a microphone to be heard. In high school, I was being trained as an opera singer but lost interest. So as my voice builds around “Til There Was You,” a hush falls over the café.

David Maxwell-Taylor stares at me in consternation but then it’s as if my voice is like a siren’s lure, drawing him in. I have him. I am certain.

As the final words of the song cross my lips, I grin as the patrons and my co-workers applaud.

And then David Maxwell-Taylor grabs his coffee, turns on his heel, and leaves. Just like that.

Miriam, the manager, stares at me. “You’re lucky that I think I know what just happened because otherwise you’d be singing on some sweet fragrant meadow far, far away.”

“He just walked out. He—”

“—is an ass,” Miriam supplies. “Back to work.” To the patrons, she grins. “Show’s over. Who’s next?”

Well, that was embarrassing. I straighten my back and begin making coffees. At a lull, while I’m filling the sugar packet container, a business card is slapped down on the counter in front of me.

“Two tomorrow. Don’t be late. And, for god’s sake don’t make me regret this,” David Maxwell-Taylor says before once again turning on his heel and disappearing.

I laugh. Oh, no, there will be no regrets. Ever.


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