Still Blazing After All of These Years

Many thanks to Rochelle for Friday Fictioneers!

PHOTO PROMPT © Carole Erdman-Grant

Still Blazing After All of These Years

Standing outside the seemingly enhanced remains of the Tasty Diner on SR9, May wondered why anyone bothered returning home for a 20-year reunion when they had all been so intent on leaving. After-prom, she and Richie had come here for hamburgers and shakes while their classmates got drunk or drugged.

“Just where I thought you’d be.”

May turned toward the voice, a silhouette against the blazing sun. Richie Manzaneres. Now Richard, CEO. She hugged him.

“It’s all so damned sad. Boarded up shops and now this.”

“I hear it went out blazing.”

“Like you and me,” she said.

“We still are.”


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