X is for Xeriscape #atozchallenge

Xeriscape is a type of landscaping that eliminates or reduces the need for water; it’s typically used in arid climates.


“Nigel, I really don’t have time for a lecture. I’m behind as it is,” I told my weary-looking British supervisor as I strode toward my office.

“I’m afraid you really don’t have a choice.”

I frowned at him. “On a lecture? Seriously? What’s the lecture about?”


I patted his arm with a laugh. “Good one, Nige.”

“I’m serious, Bea.”

Something in his tone made me turn, search his face to see if he was teasing. Nothing in his demeanor suggested he was. The set of his jaw told me a great deal.

“There’s the expectation that our farm-friendly climate is going to disappear,” I said.

He glanced around, took my elbow and led me into my office. “There are signs that we’re headed toward years of drought just like the western states. We need to be prepared. We need to start being more efficient with water usage now.”

I sank into my chair as my worst fears settled over me. Outside the blue sky mocked, just as it had for the past twenty days. There’d been a few clouds, teasing rain that never came. Just a few years ago we used to moan about the rain. No one’s moaning now.

“It’s not the end of the world, Bea.”

Yet, I added silently. Not yet.


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