Betanda Shanam Reviews Forever Silenced by Richard S. Cohen

Forever Silenced
Richard S. Cohen
July 14, 2021

Blurb: Willem Gerhardt is a renowned psychologist with the most prestigious recognitions.
He is also the adopted son of the widely known, Elizabeth Gerhardt—sole heiress of
a billionaire. Up until now, Dr. Gerhardt has lived a “rich life” in every way, or so
it seems.

When a young patient claims she was sexually assaulted, a local farmer is formally
charged. But days after his acquittal, he is found dead.

Dr. Gerhardt’s life has come full circle upon returning to the very same place he was born—
East Texas State Penitentiary. Charged with murder, he is forced to face the depths of
a complex past.

Is blood truly thicker than water? What significance do memories really hold? Is a flower
just “a flower”? Are psychics real? Can anyone be trusted?

A complex page-turner with numerous twists, FOREVER SILENCED takes readers
on a thought-provoking and forever memorable, heartwarming journey.

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Forever Silenced is an enjoyable read starting at the end of the story and switching present to past effortlessly, which grips you from the first pages and gets you thinking.

Willem is adopted by a kind and well-respected billionairess, Elizabeth Gerhadt. Willem’s adoption happens quickly and is shrouded in mystery. Elizabeth soon discovers Willem has a unique gift. One that seems to have got him into trouble in the past. With the love and nurturing from his devoted mother, Willem is able to grow into a well-accomplished and respected member of society. Skipping forward to when Willem is charged with murder, is his gift out of control and landed him in trouble again?

Richard Cohen provokes the reader with the unknown powers of the mind in this cosy mystery. It left me with questions about the characters, which I expect it was meant to. His writing is smooth and easy to process. 

A quick read that gets you thinking – we never really know the people we think we can trust. 

I give forever silence 4 stars.

I received ARC in exchange for an honest review. 

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