Reflections #atozchallenge

Wow! I completed the challenge. There, done, that’s my reflection. 😉 Only kidding.

Considering that I came into the challenge with writer’s block that’s been ongoing for several months, didn’t write until the second week of April, I remain kind of amazed that I finished. I do have to thank the handful of readers who read and commented. You were the ones who really pulled me through this challenge!

Amazingly, after I wrote and posted “Zest” on Saturday, I felt a little lost, everything was kind of anticlimactic after that, even through yesterday. So, yes, maybe I will take May to do a month-long challenge on numbers.

Some of the stories I wrote really want to be longer and some I really had to stop writing on just because they were taking on the form of a novel, haha. I will take time over the next few months to revisit and work out some ideas for making them longer, perhaps novella- or even novel-length. I will keep you all apprised. And, if you have one that you thought should be longer, please let me know.

One thing that’s been made obvious to me this past April with my 6th Blogiversary falling during the challenge is how much we writers/bloggers depend on our readers. You give thumbs-up when things are going well and smiley faces when things aren’t and all of the subtle or not so subtle support that we all sometimes need. Many thanks. You are in my heart. 💖

I wish I could provide a “reflections” post that emulates what the organizers of this event would love to see in a “reflections” post, but I haven’t monitored my stats to see if they’ve increased or what my participating has done to my social media. I’ve barely managed to respond to most of the comments on my posts, which I am hoping to do in the next week. This became more of a personal challenge to me. To see if I could get the words out of my head in some manageable, and hopefully readable, form. To see if I could break through some of the sadness that’s inhibited my recent attempts at writing. To see if I could write 26 different enough pieces in order to jumpstart my creativity. The upcoming weeks will show me if this challenge has been successful in that way. For me, the challenge won’t have ended after just a month.

You may see me participating again next year.

p.s. With all my crazy, I’ve missed reading a lot of fellow participants and non-participants. I will try to make up for that during the next few months.

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11 thoughts on “Reflections #atozchallenge

  1. I’m sure some of those pieces should/could be longer. Can’t pick them out of the air right now, but I probably mentioned it in some comments. And Congrats! I like it as a personal challenge instead of a more high powered competition!

  2. I always tell myself i need to read more posts but I comment (thoughtfully) on each post and I feel that I get to know the blogger a little. Job well done and please come back next year and I will go through some of your writing over May.
    My Reflection

    1. Yes, I agree with you. I read through all of the posts I visit, although I, unfortunately, don’t comment on every one unless I feel I have something valid to offer. Thanks, again, for dropping by.

  3. I liked your stories very much, and yes, many of them could be expanded to form longer stories/ novellas. The first one that comes to mind is Q for Quiche. Lots left to say there! ~Ria

  4. Glad it got you writing consistently again. Mine did the same for me, even though it was silliness and won’t be a real novel some day. I hope yours inspires you to move forward. I’m fired up and working on my WIP with more gusto. Nice to ‘meet’ you at AtoZ. I’ll check out a couple of your stories before I go…

  5. Many people seem to have found it difficult to find time to visit and comment on other blogs this year (myself included). Well done on finishing. I’m working my way through the Reflection posts – slowly!

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