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When a journalist writing about love tries to find it in all the wrong places, she may just as easily miss it once it does come along in, Portia MacIntosh’s The Meet Cute Method.

The Meet Cute Method
Portia MacIntosh
May 4, 2022
Boldwood Books

Blurb: Do movie romances ever happen in real life…?

Frankie doesn’t believe in true love. As relationships expert at popular magazine Stylife, she has learnt that dating disasters are far more common than happy ever afters.

So when she is tasked to find out if meet cutes can work in real life she is up for the challenge – but whether it’s being a damsel in distress with a flat tyre, or spilling coffee over a stranger, she isn’t convinced this can really lead to love.

But little does Frankie know that the ultimate meet cute opportunity is just around the corner. As she is whisked off her feet (all in the name of her work project of course…) perhaps true love isn’t just for the movies after all…?

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The Meet Cute Method by Portia McIntosh is a frequently funny novel about Frankie, a lifestyle writer who is attempting to write about love, although the attempts typically end in failure. When her magazine changes ownership, Frankie is faced with a cutthroat editor, Addison, who believes that Frankie’s idea of arranging “meet cutes” in order to find love is the most original idea that’s been floated before her. Unfortunately, Frankie just mentioned the idea off-the-cuff and has no idea of where to begin, a fact which becomes painfully–sometimes for the reader–obvious.

As rom-coms go, The Meet Cute Method is frequently top-notch. The only hindrance is the main character, Frankie, who sometimes has the awareness of a door knob not to mention she’s 34 going on 20 (or younger). Despite being in the company of a Paul Rudd doppelganger, she’s flirting with nearly every man in sight, supposedly in the name of work despite the fact that work is supposed to be about the Paul Rudd doppelganger—who does have a name, btw, Max. If this were a mystery, Frankie would definitely be the too-stupid-to-live-type.

However, The Meet Cute Method made me laugh. A lot. And, although I might not tolerate reading about characters like Frankie all the time, for the laughs I am willing to to put up with her and rate it higher, despite her.

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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