Sundown Solitude

For dVerse Poetics this week, Lisa asked us to write a poem directed at one of Elisabeth Kübler-Ross’s Five Stages of Grieving. I have dashed this off, for which I apologize in advance. It’s a bright gorgeous day so I did reach for those grief emotions that seem to out of kilter on a day like this.

Sundown Solitude

For days I suppressed
--perhaps denied--

lingering in sleep
to avoid the seepage of hours
yellow-gold promises
broken prior to offering

Until sundown solitude
draped in layers of lightless indigo
comfort shroud 
soporific inducing dreams

Where you might live again

Sascha Darlington

8 thoughts on “Sundown Solitude

  1. You need to seriously stop apologizing. I relate to this; know exactly what he/she is going through. I assume you do, too? Maybe with Scout? Or someone else?

  2. Any place where they might live again. Wonderful line Sascha. You’re right, it’s hard to muster darkness when you’re standing in full sunlight. So happy you could join us at the dVerse Poets Pub tonight <3

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