The Bliss of Ignorance

Many thanks as always to Rochelle for Friday Fictioneers.


The Bliss of Ignorance

The day Frank repaired the garage roof over his beloved Ford F-150 before the leaking roof over our heads, I understood.

When he said, “We’d be better off if you gave me your work check to cash.” I knew.

After he came home late from work, whiskey on his breath, ugly words on his lips, his knuckles nearing, I nodded.

The next day, he may have come home to an empty house. He may have bellowed, thrown a bourbon bottle against the wall, wailed at the dog who wasn’t there, the wife who didn’t care.

These things I wouldn’t know.


9 thoughts on “The Bliss of Ignorance

  1. This is brilliant. I love the voice, the structure, the repeated paragraph endings, and the last paragraph – such an inventive way of showing her departure. Wow.

  2. Bravo for her. I hope she’s going far far away, where he will never hurt her again. I like how you structured your story. It’s very effective.

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