Many thanks to everyone who read last week’s FF story. I’m just back from vacation and still catching up. Yes, I know that’s my constant theme. I hate to think what will happen with me and this blog when I finally do catch up! 😉

As always, so many thanks to Rochelle for keeping us all going and giving us Friday Fictioneers.



It’s been weeks but I refuse to open the curtains, unable to stomach the view. Mother creeps around but Dad thumps. He believes emotions are contagious. As if Miriam’s act could easily transfer.

“Am I ugly?” she asked that evening.

“What? No.” Jealous, I never added, everything about you is perfect. I wish I’d uttered the words. I wish I’d let her know how important she was beyond her sweet smile, her gentle dark eyes. How her laughter warmed everything, made life better, made everyone better, kinder.

Someone reduced my sensitive sister.

Someone underestimated my attachment.

Someone would pay.


12 thoughts on “Reciprocity

  1. This is a test.. Don’t see my former comment so seeing if this one shows up in which case I didn’t hit Post Comment….Or if you are just screening comments.

  2. A lean and hungry piece, Sascha, beautifully constructed. I always love stories that use the white space. This is one of your best

  3. A sad story, filled with so much regret. It brings home how important it is for us to let our loved ones know how much they mean to us when they’re still around.

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