Update 6/10/22

I had an amazing streak but it’s ended and I have covid. Since I’ve been boostered, I’m presuming it’s going to be mild–although my fever at the moment doesn’t quite believe that.

I’ve had some amazing story ideas float through my fever brain and just as amazingly float away. Maybe I’ll write one down.

All of this to say, I had the best intentions of getting a book review up this evening but not much is currently functioning in the old Sascha Darlington control center. Hopefully everything will be up and walking (yeah, running is far too optimistic) tomorrow.

Good Night, Good Day or Good somewhere in between!

just don’t get too close

Take care y’all!

26 thoughts on “Update 6/10/22

  1. Oh I’m sorry for you. I just got over it and now my hubby has it. Hope you feel better soon. ❤️‍🩹

    1. I’m glad to hear you are over it and I hope you hubby has swiftly recovered. I had expected a mild case and was unfortunately wrong. I’m on my way though. Many thanks!

      1. Oh I’m so sorry, Sascha. I hope you fully recover soon. ❤️
        My symptoms lasted about a month and so did my daughter’s. My hubby has had it for a couple of weeks now, and he’s feeling better every day. The doctor told him he can go back to work on Friday if he doesn’t get any worse. So that’s the plan for now. 🙂
        I did learn from the doctor that you can test positive for up to 3 months afterwards, but that nobody is contagious after about the first 5-10 days. Also, the doctor told us that the vaccines don’t really prevent covid, but they do help lesson the symptoms if you get it. I thought that was interesting. I wonder if anyone really knows for sure. 🧐

    1. I did take time as you suggested. My brain and body just told me: nope. In some ways they still are. I think they’re hoping for a remote tropical island with a warm swimming pool . . . Thanks, Paul.

      1. The body sure has a way of letting us know. When I get overwhelmed no I take a short break, in the past I pushed through, but i never noticed the cost back then, it takes energy . Now I regather, but that takes time. Always something. Hope you get back your energy sans tropics.

    1. Many thanks, Gwen. It’s not been horrible, but not mild either. I guess the Goldilocks experience of covid—except for the just right bit. I guess that was a bad analogy. 😀

  2. I am so sorry to read that you’re sick, and with you and many others I hope your bout is mild. (Even if it doesn’t feel that way.) I’m sure you’ll keep your instinct and desire to write, though if they have to pause or take a crazy route due to the disease, then I hope that the paused or crazy route is short.

      1. Glad you’re on the mend, Sascha. Yes, so much time, when I think back to the early days on WP, and it goes so quickly.

        I’m doing WP less than once a month now. It’s because of the pandemic and er … um … global warming. It’s definitely not laziness.

        I have been posting on insta: my artwork. Oh alright, cats and birds mostly. But not together.

        That’s a tough one, how many guesses do I get? Thanks very much, Sascha, I appreciate it. I didn’t know what a book tour was until a few weeks ago. When I read about it, I found reviewers like original material, If there is anything I can help with, please let me know. 🧡

      2. I will look you up on Instagram. I have been trying to have more of a presence there but…..time. It’s definitely a great place for your artwork, probably your poems as well. Maybe after I read your books, I can request an interview? 🙂

      3. I followed you on insta. Anyway you’re doing so well with WP. Yes interview is fine, I have no secrets. I hope that sounded convincing. 😳

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