Betanda Shanam Reviews The Hills Be Shaken by Michael Stewart

The Hills Be Shaken
Michael Stewart
April 13, 2022


Mose Haley was an engineer, but in a few short months, he will have his FBI badge . . . and his revenge.

Two weeks ago, Mose was designing highway curves that safely carry minivans loaded with three kids and a dog doing 70 miles per hour. Now he is standing next to hot ammunition casings holding a standard issue Glock 23 handgun with the slide locked back and the barrel smoking. Two weeks ago—before the people he loved died—was a lifetime ago.

The attack on Manhattan, Kansas, dubbed Little 9/11 was the first. Officer Sam McGuire was there when it happened, shaken like everyone else on that day. The day he witnessed the collapse of a two-mile dam. Also, the day Sam saw the blonde in the park. The fit woman, jogging with an AR-15 and a pistol. He has questioned her and questioned her again. He has gone to ground zero and rummaged through the debris. Sam is a good cop, but he cannot piece it all together. He needs help. He needs an engineer.

Mose wants to believe he has the grit for the job, but he is a rookie. He has never had to face rooftop gunfire or defuse a bomb in a playground with sweaty hands and a paperclip. Mose Haley has never been tested . . . until now.

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Mose is happy being an engineer and living an ordinary life with his wife and children, despite some problems with his marriage. That is until a disaster labelled the ‘little 9/11’ shakes Kansas and Mose finds himself as an FBI agent. He’s ‘just an engineer’ but he might be the only one who can find out what really happened on that disastrous day.

When are our lives meet with disaster and devastation, we either fight or take flight. This is a story of fight. Mose is determined to find out what happened on the day of ‘little 9/11.’ He trusts his body and gut instincts as he tries to find out what caused the dam to collapse. Mose’s character is pushed to extraordinary limits when he is faced with events that only his inner strength can handle.

I really enjoyed The Hills Be Shaken much more than I thought I would. I found Michael Stewart
writes a gripping story, with an intriguing plot and believable characters. The story line takes some twists and turns, like any good action mystery there are a lot of pieces to put together.
I give four stars for The Hills Be Shaken.

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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