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Two absolutely wonderful YA reads in a row? How lucky can you get?

Blurb: As a driver for her local ride share app, Charlie Owens loves what the open road gives her: freedom, extra cash for an epic road trip, and a path to getting out of her sleepy town of Chester Falls, Massachusetts. She’s seen her fair share of mysterious passengers and explosive break-ups in the backseat of her car, but Charlie lives a no-strings-attached lifestyle and never gets involved.

But when a routine post-party pick-up ends with Charlie crashing into Andre, her school’s notorious party boy, she’s forced to make a deal to drive him anywhere he needs to go, anytime, until his car can be repaired. Suddenly Charlie and Andre are stuck together, and they couldn’t be more different. But Andre’s charm wins over Charlie’s passengers, and she soon finds herself at risk of breaking her most sacred rule: don’t fall in love.

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Charlie has definite plans for her future, ones that don’t include accidentally backing her car into Andre’s while she’s working for Backseat, a high school version of Uber, and making his semi-roadworthy Saab not so roadworthy. In order to keep driving and earning money, she begins to drive Andre to where he would normally drive himself to. What evolves is that two people learn a lot about each other and change along the way as they see things that they thought they knew (or didn’t know) through each other’s eyes in Lucy Keating’s Ride with Me.

Ride with Me made me happy. I loved being in the company of type A personality Charlie and easy-come, easy-go Andre and seeing them change. For both characters there was so much more beneath the surface and for them to learn. Charlie must wrestle with the idea that ultimately she doesn’t know best and that trying to control everything seldom works.

This was such a feel good book that made me a little sad to read “the end.”

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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