Music Monday: A Year Without Rain by Yves Paquet @yvespaquetmusic #indiefolk

We are back with Music Monday and hopefully back on track. In April, I introduced you all to Yves Paquet and his “A Southern Tale” from his new indie album. Now we return with another song from that album, “A Year Without Rain,” which he wrote as a reflection on the devastating flooding in his town of Verviers, Belgium that happened almost exactly a year ago. While he lives on a hill and didn’t suffer damage, it was difficult for him to see the destruction in his adopted town. He says that this song and video pay homage to his native American roots “like a rain dance, a reconnection with nature.”

I hope you enjoy this song and if you do, please follow Yves on YouTube where you’ll be able to hear all of his latest music…and his older ones too.

“A Year Without Rain” is haunting, mellow, and evocative. It’s also catchy, a term that sometimes sounds plastic, but in this case not intended at all. Yves’ vocal range is impressive on this acoustic track, often sounding plaintive befitting the lyrics. It’s a beautiful song of loss and pain.

Ooh you’re waiting on a cloud right above me
And so, one day I will fly right beside you
Ooh they will never understand how much it takes to love again

Yves Paquet

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