The Garden Is Blooming! #SDME #flowers #FOTD

And, well, it has been blooming. It would be safe to say I haven’t but am now. Kind of. So you will see more activity around the Microcosm since I’m feeling almost back to normal. Heh. Normal?!

A couple of years ago I planted a few phlox plants, a flower that my mother loved and had in her garden. Last year there were just mediocre blooms, but this year: wowzah!

Phlox, 7/21/22

This is just one of several blossoms. They are large and gorgeously hued and making me think that I might need to plant some more in different colors. Of course, I had to plant purple initially. Some red would look very nice next to the purple.

Cee’s Flower of the Day

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