Music Monday: Rox in the Box by The Decemberists

As I’m typing up this post, Kate Bush’s “Running Up That Hill” is playing on the pop radio station I listen to. My first thought was: no wonder it’s gained renewed popularity. It really does sound fresh and current despite being almost 40 years old. Amazing. And more amazing? That’s it’s being played on a current pop radio station thanks to Stranger Things!

In a totally different genre (folk rock, alternative), today I’m sharing “Rox in the Box” by The Decemberists, which, despite having a somewhat upbeat sound, is about the Granite Mountain Speculator Mine disaster in Butte, Montana on June 18, 1917.

If the rocks in the box
Get the water right down to your socks
This bulkhead’s built of fallen brethren bones

We all do what we can
We endure our fellow man
And we sing our songs to the headframe’s creaks and moans

Writer(s): Colin Meloy

16 thoughts on “Music Monday: Rox in the Box by The Decemberists

      1. Agreed! There’s a lot of good music out there. There’s a new radio station from Baltimore that plays a mix of old and new. It’s great. WTMD. I bet you can stream it. Really awesome.

      2. Thank you so much for this, Russell. I listened to this for most of the afternoon and evening. Really great stuff. A lot I’d never heard. I appreciate your suggesting it.

    1. I hear you! My biggest source of finding new (although this group is not new…new to me, I guess) artists is Pandora streaming. I also found a station on OBX 99.1 the sound (you can stream it online) which plays an eclectic mix of classic and indie rock and indie folk. Maybe I should have a page where people just recommend non-top 40 music for me! 🙂

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