I have taken far too long a vacation from writing. Erg. Anyway, many thanks as always to Rochelle for Friday Fictioneers!



We’ve been acquaintances for a long time. You worked in accounting and me in publicity. We smiled at each other, small talked on the elevator, and when you asked me out, I said, “Sure, why not?”

We left from work, and you drove us to a local Korean restaurant, and I had immediate pangs. There had always been a good reason why I had never gone here.

You led us in. Everyone seemed to know you there.

“The beef melts in your mouth,” you said.

I smiled at the waiter. “Is the sweet-spicy rice cake vegetarian?”

You palmed your face: “Oof.”


18 thoughts on “Acquaintances

    1. Ah, lucky you! I did check menus before writing the story. Many nearby Korean restaurants seem to remain traditionally meaty, kind of like cobbling a meal together at a BBQ restaurant. Thanks, Rochelle! 🙂

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