The Haunting of Halloween House #flashfiction #amwriting

Back with some fiction! Many thanks to Rochelle!

PHOTO PROMPT © David Stewart

The Haunting of Halloween House

Even thirty years later we don’t mention that night as if revealing what we’d experienced, seen, felt, might revive evil. We were Stephen-King-kind-of-terrified.

Going into Holland House on Halloween was supposed to be a joke. None of us believed the stories. Not really. Well. Honestly, I wondered.

“It’s just a house,” Billy said, shining his flashlight over black silhouettes.

We murmured partial agreements.

When we entered the house, the temperature fell about twenty degrees. I shivered.

“Did you hear footsteps?”

A scream. An opaque figure swooping down the grand stairs.

I ran, figuring everyone followed.

I was wrong.


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