Planting Peace #poetry #dVerse

Many thanks to Sanaa at dVerse for this beautiful line. I’ve diverged from my usual type of flash fiction and hope you like it.

Planting Peace

We drifted.

You sought career, landscapes of physical chemistry, received accolades, praise, travel, adulation, and hard, hard work.

I dreamed . . . thoroughly. Worked as it came. Wrote words. Grew thick groves of tansy and suffocating morning glories in brilliant blue while counting birds in the garden

We’ve tangled, angered, supplicated, injured, tangoed, loved, cried.

I’ve watched you leave. Over and over again.

I’ve planted rosemary, chives, and tomatoes, who volunteer year after year, still tasting sweet.

I’ve stayed awake until morning etched a line on the horizon and slept until anger hardened my soul. I’ve snarked, harked, bargained.

You breathe soft, even, without hard snores, your dog nestled against you, her eyes slitted, ever watchful.

I dream of planting, flowers, herbs. I’d like, too, to plant the sweet alyssum that smells like honey and peace.

Peace, dreams, silence, hope. Embrace you now.

3 thoughts on “Planting Peace #poetry #dVerse

  1. Oh my heart this is deeply evocative! Thank you so much for writing to the prompt. This one hit home! 💘💘

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