Music Monday: You by Bonnie Raitt with Alison Krauss

There are a couple of singers that automatically come to mind who seem like they could sing with anyone. The first was always Linda Ronstadt whose vocals you can hear blending in with Neil Young, Emmylou Harris, Arlo Guthrie and many more. And then there’s the ethereal-voiced Alison Krauss who does seem to sing with everyone from rock legend Robert Plant to YoYo Ma (although he doesn’t sing, of course (that I know of)) to James Taylor. Just last evening I heard how beautifully she sings with Bonnie Raitt. What a gorgeous song this is!

I hope you enjoy.

Nobody else could make me happy
No one could hurt me like you do
You were the only one that mattered

Then you were gone, love had moved on
Left me alone thinking of

Written by: Steven M. Krikorian, Robert Thiele, John M Shanks

5 thoughts on “Music Monday: You by Bonnie Raitt with Alison Krauss

  1. This really is a beautiful song, and one that I’ve loved for all those years since I bought Longing In Their Hearts. If anything this is even better than it is on Bonnie’s album!

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