A Year of Huckleberry Bowie

A year ago today I drove to Warrenton, Virginia to pick up my foster dog, Huck. Another foster fail, but a happy dog and person. Welcome home always, Huckleberry Bowie!

7 thoughts on “A Year of Huckleberry Bowie

    1. πŸ’› All of my fosters have been fails. But Huck was just supposed to be temporary and when his other home fell through. . . and I was supposed to get a puppy…it just seemed like I already had a puppy–a house-trained one!

      1. We just got a new unplanned puppy “Vader” who now is the sibling of our foster fail “Patches” who we took on six years ago. They end up where they are suppose to be, we just don’t always know it right from the start.

  1. So lovely. And Sophie too (it is Sophie, isn’t it?) He found a good home and obviously you have no regrets about this particular kind of ‘failure’. Win win in my book Sascha.

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