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Note to self on bright yellow lined paper: review the books you read, darling-ton, authors are depending on you . . . well, probably not, but it does help them! I’m late on this one. Apologies all over the place! 📚

Blurb:     Head-in-the-stars Audrey is about to marry down-to-earth Josh. Though they are polar opposites, they have a healthy, stable relationship; Josh is just what Audrey needs. But romance should be unpredictable and full of fireworks, and as the big day approaches, Audrey’s found herself wondering if Josh really is “The One.”


    So, when Josh’s sister shows up to the rehearsal dinner with Fred, Audrey’s “What If? guy”—the man she met six years ago and had one amazing day with—Audrey finds herself torn. Surely Fred’s appearance the night before she is due to get married can’t be a coincidence. And when everything that could go wrong with the wedding starts to go wrong, Audrey has to ask herself: Is fate trying to stop her from making a huge mistake? Or does destiny just have a really twisty sense of humor?

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The first thing that I’m going to tell you about Before I Do is that dreamers and romantics are extremely likely to understand Audrey who finds herself in the unique position of being on the eve of her wedding and having the what-if man from her past stumble into her rehearsal dinner. His appearance after several “omens” feeds into Audrey’s doubts as to whether her marriage to Josh is doomed.

The second thing I’m going to tell you is that Audrey fears being like her mother from whom she’s grown apart. Her mother is constantly searching for romance, that sparkle that is there when you initially fall in love. She thinks that is romance, love, when it is just part of the whole scenario.

Has that rubbed off on Audrey?

Who is Fred? Is he really the one? Or just a daydream what-if?

I loved the way that Sophie Cousens told this story, slowly revealing to her readers important details that give us hope that Audrey will make the right decision. As a once-head-in-the-clouds reader, I could empathize with Audrey and I liked that she’s not judged. Audrey is a simply wonderful character, full of life and quirks. Equally, I adored Josh who has always loved Audrey, even when she couldn’t be bothered remembering his name. But he’s not a milquetoast.

Sophie Cousens has written a very effective, multi-layered story that will have you hanging on to every word and loving the outcome. Fun, heart-felt, engrossing, Before I Do works.

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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