Review of The Cowboy Cookie Challenge by Lori Wilde

Blurb: He’s sexy, single, and he can bake!

Roan Sullivan is the answer to Jazzy Walker’s prayers. The doting single dad is also fresh off his win on a popular cooking show and a whiz at campfire cooking, so who better to help her win this year’s annual cookie bake-off? With his help, Jazzy is sure she can finally take first prize right out the grasping hands of Andi Browning, the gal who stole her fiancé right from under her nose.

A widower with a four-year-old daughter, Roan tells himself there’s a million reasons not to help Jazzy. She’s too kind, too optimistic, and could do so much better than hitching up with a curmudgeon like him. But every time she draws near, he can’t help but wonder if he could open his heart and love again.

As the holidays come closer, the magic of Twilight starts to weave its spell…and soon it’s not just the competition that’s heating up, it’s the hot sizzle between Roan and Jazzy. 

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Ready for some Christmas romance with cookie baking? Lori Wilde has both of those in her newest novel in the Twilight, Texas series, The Cowboy Cookie Challenge in which effervescent Jazzy sees handsome single father-cowboy, Roan, across a crowded barroom and though the rest isn’t history, it’s close to it.

Although once best friends, Jazzy Walker and Andi Browning are now competitors, mostly on Andi’s side. She needs to constantly beat Jazzy. Wasn’t sleeping with Jazzy’s boyfriend enough? No, now she wants to beat Jazzy at the latest cookie challenge where she has the upper hand as she’s won it so many times in the past. But this year, Jazzy is determined to win, especially if she can get Roan Sullivan to teach her the ins and outs of baking cookies over an open fire.

The Cowboy Cookie Challenge has Christmas, a cute kid, and cookies. What more could you want? Well, for me, a better male main character because, despite the fact that he’s 10 years older than Jazzy, Roan’s waffling drove me crazy, feeling more like the behavior of a 23-year-old than 33. I would have loved it if he would have responded to Jazzy’s sunshine with a little of his own, come out of his shell, let his hair down. In the end, he really needed to do a grand gesture for his really bad behavior. It didn’t come. A disappointment.

Jazzy, on the other hand, was a great character. Optimistic, sweet, sunshine, and caring yet with a maturity that came from a childhood filled with sickness. Jazzy, you can do better than this guy! Wait until he grows up! 😉

This was fun but not the best it could have been compared to Lori Wilde’s usual offerings.

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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