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Accidentally Famous, another novel in which Marissa Clarke knocks it out of the ballpark.

Blurb: Jack Winston may be Hollywood’s biggest action hero, but he’s seriously burned out. He can’t even save himself from his PR team’s latest scheme: dating a starlet. But when his assistant accidentally tags Cassidy James from Blink, Maine (wherever that is) on social media, the paparazzi decide that she’s Jack’s latest fling. Now Jack needs to do some serious damage control…starting with the adorable home reno pro in paint-splattered overalls.

Cassidy is not prepared when the Jack Winston shows up in her quiet little town―and whew, he is that gorgeous in person. Before she can pick her jaw up off the floor, his PR team is bombarding them with a whole new plan involving “fake girlfriend,” “optics,” and “sign this NDA” (whatever that is). But no one warned her that Mr. A-List Action Star is hot, funny as all get out, and loves old houses as much as she does.

Now they have two weeks to convince everyone they’re in a fake relationship―two weeks that will drive Cassidy’s reno business through the roof and help Jack reclaim his “spark.” The plan is going fine, dare she say, perfectly…until she discovers something that will change everything.

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When a mis-tagging on social media causes Cassidy James’ normally quiet life to suddenly blowup, Hollywood hero Jack Winston becomes a real one (almost) when he rides in to save the day in Marissa Clarke’s absolutely charming Accidentally Famous.

Accidentally Famous follows Marissa Clarke’s equally lovely Absolutely Perfect that introduced us to the characters of small town Blink, Maine. Cassidy is the Miss Fix-It, taking on the restoration of an old Victorian. She has a sweet personality and is equaled in sweetness by swoony Jack, who says and does all the right things, proving once again that Nice Guys should always finish first.

I loved the way the author chose to throw Cassidy’s teenage crush into the mix at the beginning as a red herring in case you forgot to read the blurb and knew who she ended up with. Of course, you can change those “yous” to “I.” I forgot to read the blurb before starting in and was happy to find that a new man was on the scene.

The only thing that stopped me from giving this a complete five butterflies is that the “break up” felt too contrived, although as well as Cassidy and Jack meshed perhaps nothing else would do.

Clarke’s writing is on point with gentle humor, keen observations, and heartfelt emotion.

Accidentally Famous will put a smile on your face and wrap you up in a heirloom quilted embrace.

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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