My Phoenix Year

So. Happy New Year! Happy Lunar New Year! And, I’m back.


Book blogger-wise, I haven’t gone anywhere but writer-wise, I feel like I’ve taken a very long break. Mostly mental, which may not have been a bad thing because I do feel refreshed and ready to tackle writing again . . . if it doesn’t tackle me first.

As we have for a while, we spent New Year’s in North Carolina’s Outer Banks where the weather was perfect for late December/early January. Warmish sunny days. Uncrowded beach. Happys dogs and people. What more could one ask?

Huck at sunset on our last evening in Southern Shores.
Sunrise, January 2, 2023, Southern Shores.
Amazing what you can do with a P&S and a tripod!
Again, a P&S and tripod, taken from the deck of the house.

This isn’t a new camera. It’s my Canon SX740 HS that has a great zoom on it, which is really effective when you use a tripod!

As I begin writing again, I’ve begun knitting again more than just for last minute Christmas presents.


I’m sure if you look closely enough, you’ll find dog hair. haha

I’m calling this my Phoenix Year because I’ve missed being more interactive on my blog and writing. Let’s hope this phoenix doesn’t crash and burn! Of course it won’t. I’m being optimistic and positive and all of those happy adjectives and nouns and emotions. At the forefront of it all though, I am remembering to be grateful, which may be my theme for the new year.

All the best for the coming year.

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      1. I always need a hat for winter, even though down here it is never as cold as where you are it can be chilly (plus I have little hair on my head) 🙂

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