December Shore #poetry #dVerse

Updated: a major oops. I forgot to mention that this was for dVerse where Mish asked us to write about ICE…ice. Many thanks, Mish! ❤

December Shore

It was late night after
ice, we walked the dogs
on shivery sand
heard rushing water
not waves, but a summer house
unprepared for winter--
shattered pipe.
The echo lonely, 
in icy stillness.
Your breath, white,
seeped upwards
ghostly, your eyes seeking
home heavens.

(c) Sascha Darlington

8 thoughts on “December Shore #poetry #dVerse

  1. Love the way your poem begins with vivid, specific details of a walk, transitioning to “The echo lonely, in icy stillness”, bringing deeper layers to this quadrille.

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